Hi! I'm Alberto Gallego. I'm a software creator. When I'm not in front of my computer, you'll find me taking a flight, seeking a new restaurant or gastronomy speciality, or taking pictures somewhere in the world.

What I believe.

  • I believe in a world more disconnected. More face to face conversations. Fewer people looking at their phones meanwhile they are with friends or family. More education about how to use technology as a tool for learning and to make our lives easier. Fewer stories and more living the moment.
  • I believe in people consuming less stuff. Having a sustainable society. People being aware of what they need, and more importantly, what they don't need. People understanding that having more things don't make us happier. Having less and being okay with the stuff we have it's the true path to happiness.
  • I believe in more people working remotely. Deciding where we want to work and what's the best environment for us. Without wasting time on useless commutes. Working online gives us the opportunity to organize better our lives and to have more time to spend doing things that we really want.
  • I believe in more people travelling. Travel helps us a lot to be more open-minded. To understand that we all share similar needs. To think about what we need and what we don't to be happy with our lives.
  • I believe in more people enjoying gastronomy. I'm passionate about food, and I love eating well. I want more people accessing to quality information about where we can eat, how to make cooking fun and what are the keys to be food seeker around the world.

This is me :) If you want to contact me, please, go to my contact page. Have a nice day!