The best of 2018

Last year I was thinking about to make this experiment where I should pick the top moments of the year. Finally, I didn’t do it and I was desiring to do it this year. This exercise helps me to be more aware of the positives things and be grateful with them.


Always I’ve been a person who prefers to do what I want in that moment more than what I should do. I’ve never been a good student, I’ve never done what the rest of my friends done (like going party every weekend).

Don’t try to figure it out your life

Since we’re born we have a stupid pressure to know what we’re going to do in our lives or where we’re going to spend our time. This pressure makes people being sad and depressed. Most of the people feel lost and confused about what they’re going to do in their future.

I am not a loser

I want to tell you something. I want to tell you an experience I lived in high school. I’ve never been a top student. I never studied too much, I preferred learning about other topics that I couldn’t learn there (I build a football blog with my friends, I learned how to use Photoshop to make photomontages, I wrote for an online newspaper called Vavel about football history moments…etc).

Learnings of a marathon

Over a month ago I ran my first marathon. Yes, I could finish it successfully, but the most important is that I learned a lot of things I can now apply in my daily life.