About me

About me

During the last years, I’ve been working as a software developer for some startups from Barcelona. In December 2019 I left my job to become self-employed and working on my projects. The pace of life I was leading was exhausting. I felt I was doing something I don’t want to. Now I can invest my time more smartly and work on things that motivate me more.

My main purpose now is to live more simply and consciously. That’s why I work every day to achieve a lifestyle that allows me to give my best. To invest my time in projects that are aligned with my values. To help other people to achieve it sharing my own experiences and creating digital products for them.

I’m minimalist. A few years ago I discovered Leo Babauta’s Zen Habits blog and I loved the idea he shared about living with less. I started to get rid of what I didn’t find a real purpose or usefulness for. My life took a 180-degree turn since then. Now I have this simple rule for almost everything in my life: less, but better.

My two favorite hobbies are traveling and gastronomy. I’ve visited more than 30 countries and I always want to discover new places and flavors. Now I’m following a plant-based diet my perception of gastronomy has changed quite a bit, but I still think food is a great engine to connect people, no matter if you are at home or not.

This is it. If you want to know more about me or ask me anything you think I can help you with, do it through Twitter or my email and I will be more than happy to answer you.

Have a good day! 😄