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Always I’ve been a person who prefers to do what I want in that moment more than what I should do. I’ve never been a good student, I’ve never done what the rest of my friends done (like going party every weekend).

I’m a person move by curiosity.

Curiosity about trying something I’ve never done before and expanded my perspectives. Currently, I am working as a software developer. I discovered I liked coding when my curiosity about football made me create a blog with my friends. This blog made me start coding, learning what’s a “brand”, learning how to design a “brand identity”. Today it’s one of my passions.

In recent years I’ve discovered that I like startups, products and how they evolve. I like the cohesion and beauty in design. I want not only to coding but to go further. Have a global approach, an approach that gives me another point of view. And all this is that, curiosity.

And for that, the next time you get curious about something, let yourself go. I’m sure that along the way you will find many things that you like. Some of them will become your passion. Others will end up discarding.

Don’t leave for later what you want to try or for what you feel curious. Always take your time to experience new things and to be able to discover yourself. As I said in my previous article, don’t try to figure out your life. Leave that door open, because you never know how far you can go, where your limits are or where those things you wanted to try can take you.

I would love to know any story about you related to curiosity. If you have one, contact me going to my contact page. Thanks for your time and I hope you enjoyed this article.

Have a nice day!