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Don’t try to figure it out your life

Since we’re born, we have a stupid pressure to know what we’re going to do in our lives or where we’re going to spend our time. This pressure makes people being sad and depressed. Most of the people feel lost and confused about what they’re going to do in their future.

Life expectancy in a developed country is around 83 years old. That’s a very long time, and we don’t want the same things with 16 years old than with 30. Therefore, don’t try to find a passion. Don’t try to find what are you able to do. Don’t set limits, and don’t be in a rush. Try to do things you like and you feel curious about.

Don’t try to figure it out your life with 30 years old. Life is a process, and like all process, every step is important. Therefore, enjoy the way, take it easy and try tons of new things.

Last, and not least. Take time to rest and think if you’re doing what you like or not. Take time to fail and keep trying. I don’t think you want to spend 80 years overwhelmed and thinking about things you could do, instead of enjoying what you do.

Have a nice day!


P.S: I’m writing this post from Peru, where I am spending 18 days to rest and discover this wonderful place.