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I am not a loser

I want to tell you something. I want to tell you an experience I lived in high school. I’ve never been a top student. I never studied too much, I preferred learning about other topics that I couldn’t learn there (I build a football blog with my friends, I learned how to use Photoshop to make photomontages, I wrote for an online newspaper called Vavel about football history moments …etc).

By then, I had a girlfriend who was a top student. She was very attentive in class, she memorized everything super fast and she had a really good relationship with the teachers. Definitely, a good student.

It was the end of the course and the history teacher was giving the final exams marks. When my turn arrived, I checked that I’d failed the exam. Then she came to me and told me I had failed because I could not follow the pace of the class. She also said she couldn’t understand how my ex-girlfriend was dating me because I didn’t deserve her. Those words hurt me a lot.

The worst part is most of the people have similar stories in their daily lives. Maybe this person is someone from your family, friends or workmates. They use to say something like “you are not enough for this”, “you do not know how to do it”, “you should not do something because you are not ready”, etc.

This is completely false. You can do everything, and the only distance between your goal and you is hard work and dedication. No one knows you better than yourself, and no one knows what we need or what we can do. Next time someone says something like this, please, don’t say anything. Let it go, keep working and someday you will accomplish what you want. And when that day comes, you’ll never think again you can’t do something.