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The best of 2018

Día de Muertos, México

Last year I was thinking about to make this experiment where I should pick the top moments of the year. Finally, I didn’t do it and I was desiring to do it this year. This exercise helps me to be more aware of the positives things and be grateful for them.

  • I ran approximately 600 km. If we look at a Spain map (it’s not a too big country), between Madrid and Barcelona there’s 619 km. I almost can do the entire journey.
  • I ran my first marathon. Those 42 kilometers were really hard, but I could finish it in 4 hours and 7 minutes. Someday I’ll have to improve that mark.
  • I listened 39.224 minutes of music. That means around 27 days listening to music non-stop. Thanks Spotify!
  • I read 12 books. If you want to know more about what I’m reading, go to my Goodreads profile.
  • I always believed that remote working is the present and the best way to work for me. 6 months ago I started working remotely. And I love it.
  • I moved from Barcelona to Seville to spend more time with my family. For the next year, I want to move further away.

Leaving Barcelona Working remotely

  • Professionally, at Colvin I’ve learned more this year than all the previous ones. We did a lot of things together this year and also we had time to do two trips: Bulgaria and Galicia.

  • For my girlfriend’s birthday, we visited Slovenia. We didn’t expect too much of this country, but we fell in love with it. We were thinking of living there for a while.

  • Thanks to Vueling’s mistake, I could flight to Vienna for 1 cent.

  • I visited some places in my country that I always like to return to: Valencia, Toledo, Galicia and Granada.

  • I’ve been for the first time in South America. My first destination was Peru. It’s an incredible country, with a lot of diversity. One day you can be in the desert and the other one in the jungle.

  • After Peru, I visited Mexico. I was lucky to spend “Día de Muertos” in Pátzcuaro, away from tourism. It was incredible being there to celebrate that day.

  • I visited two Wonders of the World in one year: Machu Picchu and Chichen Itzá.

Machu Picchu

  • I’ve taken 30 flights. I love traveling, and I’m so lucky to be able to discover the world. It’s something I’m really grateful for.
  • I came back to Italy. This time I visited Verona and Venice. As always, it’s a pleasure to return here. I’ll never get tired of this country.

Mexico with friends

  • I’m passionate about gastronomy. So to conclude this list, I’ll share with you my top 5 restaurants in this year:

  • Seledonia’s Mesa (Cusco, Perú) → I miss a lot the typical family restaurant where you can eat home-made food. If you are in Cusco, you can enjoy the Peruvian gastronomy here. Everything we tasted there was delicious.

  • Recomiendo (Córdoba, Spain) → Quality food for an affordable price (36€). The whole experience is worth to try, at least one time. Don’t miss the “Perikadas”.

  • Bar Ludeña (Toledo, Spain) → If you want to eat typical Spanish food, this place is wonderful. Don’t forget to order “pisto” with codfish.

  • Gostilna Trost Jožica Trost s.p. (Rodik, Slovenia) → We found this place by accident. The owner was really friendly and the food (mostly seafood and pasta) was incredible.

  • Chez Albert (Brugge, Belgium) → If you are there, you must try the best waffles in the world. That’s all.

I hope you spent a really nice year, full of discovering, learnings and good memories. I wish you the best for the next one!